Insurtech Program 2018 : Terms and Conditions

The Insurtech Program 2018 is an innovation program in which startups and other stakeholders in the insurance industry can collaborate to solve real problems for real customers (the “Program”). The Program is operated by Stone and Chalk Limited ACN 603 489 229 (“Stone & Chalk”). The following parties (together, “Stakeholders”) will participate in, or be involved in the delivery of, the Program:

Program Partners Hall & Wilcox ABN 58 041 376 985
QBE Insurance Ltd ACN 000 000 948
Tal Life Limited ACN 050 109 450
Program Supporter Ernst & Young ABN 75 288 172 749
Program Operator Stone and Chalk Limited ACN 603 489 229
Applicants Each startup organization who applies to participate in the Program

By participating in the Program as an Applicant, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

    Application Period
  1. Applications for the Program will open on Monday 5 March 2018.

  2. Who can apply to participate in Insurtech 2018?
  3. To enter, Applicants are required to complete and submit the Program application form which is available at
  4. For an application form to be valid, Applicants must fill out all required fields accurately and in full, and submit the form within the Application Period.
  5. An individual may only submit an application on behalf of a business or company Applicant if they are an authorized officer and signatory of that Applicant. By submitting such an Application, the individual represents that they are an authorized officer and signatory of the Applicant company or business, and are thereby duly permitted to represent the Applicant company or business in relation to the Program.
  6. Stone & Chalk reserves the right to deny, exclude or revoke acceptance of any application prior to the end of the Application Period for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to applications:
  7. a. that are incomplete, indecipherable, inappropriate or incoherent;
    b. submitted after the Application Period;
    c. that do not outline a product, innovation or solution that can be applied to the applicable problem statements;
    d. that contain material that is objectionable, defamatory, profane or in the opinion of Stone & Chalk, potentially insulting, inflammatory or defamatory; and
    e. that in the opinion of Stone & Chalk contravene an applicable law or any rights of a third-party.
  8. Stone & Chalk accepts no responsibility for applications not received or included for any reason during the Application Period.

  9. Program Administration and Prerequisites
  10. Stone & Chalk will determine and shortlist Applicants by assessing the information provided in the Applicants’ application forms. Applicants who are shortlisted at any stage of the program will be notified by Stone & Chalk.
  11. Shortlisted Applicants agree to attend a session to pitch their product, innovation or solution to a panel of judges. Failure to attend or participate in this pitch will render a shortlisted Applicant ineligible to become a participant in the Program.
  12. Applicants agree, if selected to participate in the Program, that they must be available to attend, in person, the relevant stages of the Program including:

  13. a. the ‘bootcamp’ stage (approx. 2 days duration);
    b. the ‘accelerator’ stage (approx. 5 weeks duration);
    c. ‘demo days’(approx. 1 day duration), which may require a significant time commitment on the behalf of the Applicant.
  14. Applicants (whether successful or not in their application) are responsible for their own travel costs and all other expenses connected with their application and participation in the Program.
  15. The proposed Program timeline and all critical dates relating to the Program will be published by Stone & Chalk on its website.
  16. Stone & Chalk reserves the right to vary, modify, suspend, terminate or cancel the Program, the Program timeline, as well as these terms and conditions, at its sole discretion.
  17. Participating startups are not required to exchange equity as part of the innovation program. Should the opportunity arise to enter in to any commercial negotiations with Program Stakeholders, they are at the sole discretion of the startup.

  18. Confidentiality
  19. Unless you are expressly advised in writing otherwise, all information to be disclosed by a Stakeholder in connection with their participation in the Program (Confidential Information) is confidential in nature.
  20. As a condition of participation in the Program, upon request by Stone & Chalk, an Applicant must enter into a confidentiality deed with Stone & Chalk in regard to any Confidential Information that is shared during and as a result of the Program. If required, startup participants may be required to enter in to further confidentiality deeds directly with Program Stakeholders should the need arise to exchange confidential information directly.
  21. Stone & Chalk also agrees to maintain the confidential nature of the each Applicant‘s Confidential Information.
  22. Applicants will only disclose another Stakeholder’s Confidential Information to persons engaged by the Applicant where such persons have a ‘need to know’ and only after each Applicant has made such persons fully aware of the confidential nature of the Confidential Information.
  23. Each Applicant must not use another Stakeholder’s Confidential Information for its own advantage (unless they have express written permission from the relevant Stakeholder) or to the competitive disadvantage of any other Stakeholder.

  24. Legal advice
  25. Each Applicant acknowledges and agrees that it is an Applicant’s responsibility to seek appropriate independent legal advice before participating in the Program.

  26. Intellectual Property
  27. As an Applicant, and whether or not you are chosen to participate in the Program,you retain all the rights in your intellectual property.
    However, in order for Stone & Chalk, the Program Partners and the Program Supporter to collaborate with you to develop your solution, you agree to allow these Stakeholders to use your intellectual property and grant them the necessary rights (without charging fee) solely for this purpose. Importantly, Stone & Chalk, the Program Partners and the Program Supporter will not be permitted to use your intellectual property for any purpose other than working with you in connection with your application for, or participation in, the Program.
    For the avoidance of doubt Applicants shall retain the ownership of any existing intellectual property and any intellectual property that is created during the Program.
  28. Each Applicant represents and warrants to each Stakeholder that any product, innovation or solution submitted is the original work of the Applicant and does not infringe the rights (including any intellectual property rights) of any third-party.

  29. Liability
  30. To the extent permitted by law, the Stakeholders, their officers and their employees have no liability to any Applicant for any claim, loss, damage, injury, cost and expense suffered, sustained or incurred directly or indirectly arising out of, or anyway in connection with the Program or the Applicant’s participation in the Program.
  31. This includes liability for any:
    a. special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages;
    b. the opportunity cost that could be associated with participating in the Program;
    c. lost profits, business, or data; or
    d. anticipated profits, business or other economic benefits.
  32. Each Applicant agrees to indemnify and release each Stakeholder, their officers and employees from any claims made or loss sustained, however caused, as a result of the Applicant entering the Program, including for infringement of third-party rights (such as intellectual property rights).

  33. Governance of the Program
  34. Decisions in respect of the Program will be considered by the Steering Committee of the Program, reporting to the Program Director of the Program.
  35. Each Program Partner and Program Supporter will have an active role in the governance of the Program, however it is not intended that any Program Applicant will have a role in the governance of the Program.
  36. At the end of the day, Stone & Chalk is responsible for the Program and will have the final decision in relation to any procedural issues or complaints that arise during the course of the Program. You agree to be bound by Stone & Chalk’s decisions in respect of the Program and to abide by all of Stone & Chalk’s reasonable instructions and directions regarding the conduct of the Program.

  37. Media
  38. Unless an Applicant expressly refuses to be included in any promotion by noting this in their application form, Stakeholders are granted the right to use an Applicant’s name, likeness, image and/or voice (including photograph, film and/or recording of the same) for the purpose of promoting the Program, and promoting any services and or products of a Stakeholder, which you agree to sign as a condition of your participation in the Program.

  39. Data protection
  40. Each Applicant must comply with this term 22 in respect of its access and use of:
  41. a. all data provided by a Stakeholder; and
    b. all data and other information generated as a result of the Applicant participating in the Program, (together, the “Data”).
  42. Each Applicant must, in respect of its access and use of Data:
  43. a. comply with: i. best industry practice, policies and procedures; and ii. the relevant Stakeholder’s policies and procedures and other reasonable directions of the relevant Stakeholder, as notified by Stone & Chalk from time to time, relating to the security, safety and integrity of the Data, including any procedures and safeguards against the destruction, loss, disclosure, alteration or unauthorised use of the Data; and
    b. protect Data from unauthorised access, use or disclosure.

  44. Each Applicant must:
  45. a. comply with the Privacy Act 1980 (Cth) (“Privacy Laws”) when participating in the Program when handling “Personal Information” (as defined in the Privacy Laws) which forms part of any Confidential Information, Data or is otherwise provided by a Stakeholder; and
    b. not do any act, make any omission, engage in any practice or permit, or authorise any act, omission or practice, which would breach any of the Privacy Laws in relation to the handling of Personal Information which forms part of any Confidential Information, Data or is otherwise provided by a Stakeholder.
  46. Each Applicant must not hold, store or transfer any Personal Information which forms part of any Confidential Information, Data or is otherwise provided by a Stakeholder, outside of Australia or allow any person who is located outside of Australia to access such Personal Information without the written consent of the Stakeholder who provided such Personal Information.
  47. Each Applicant is deemed to have expressly consented to or, where applicable, to have obtained any relevant individual’s consents for the collection, storage, disclosure, transfer and use, both domestically and overseas, of any Personal Information provided to the Stakeholders as a result of the Applicant’s participation in the Program by the Stakeholders for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in connection with the Program or the Stakeholders’ products, services or commercial activities.
  48. All personal information collected by Stone & Chalk will be used and managed in accordance with Stone & Chalk’s Privacy Policy. You can access Stone & Chalk’s Privacy Policy at: